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Mohammad Rafique: Cricket’s Strategic Maestro



Mohammad Rafique, a legendary cricketer, left an indelible mark on the sport. Mohammad Rafique’s remarkable journey began in Bangladesh, where he was born. Growing up, he was fascinated by the game, spending hours practicing and honing his skills. As he matured, his dedication paid off, earning him a spot on the national team. With each match, Rafique’s confidence grew, and he became a force to be reckoned with. His incredible performances on the field cemented his place in cricket history.

Mohammad Rafique Biography

Full NameMohammad Rafique
Place Of BirthDhaka, Bangladesh
Born5 Sep 1970
Height5ft 8in

Mohammad Rafique Career

Mohammed Rafique, a Bangladeshi cricket coach and former cricketer, has made a lasting impact on the sport. Born on September 5, 1970, Rafique’s journey began with his early days playing cricket in Bangladesh. He was the first Bangladeshi bowler to take 100 wickets in both Test and ODI matches, showcasing his exceptional skills. Rafique’s impact spans key international clashes like the Super Series versus Australia and the Asia XI versus Africa XI. He was named captain of the Bangladesh Legends cricket team in the 2020-21 Road Safety World Series. Recently, Rafique joined Asia Lions in the Legends League Cricket, where he took 2 wickets against India Maharajas.

Domestic Career

In the early 1980s, Mohammad Rafique began his cricket journey as a left-arm seamer with Bangladesh Sporting’s 2nd Division side. It was a time akin to a budding artist delicately refining their first strokes on canvas, laying the foundation for what would become a storied career in cricket. In 1988, Mohammad Rafique made a significant move to the Bangladesh Biman team. Under Wasim Haider’s guidance, Rafique mastered slow orthodox spin bowling, becoming a highly proficient practitioner of this bowling style. This shift marked a pivotal moment in Rafique’s career, transforming him into a formidable spinner.

Triumphs and Challenges: Rafique’s Path to Redemption

Rafique excelled in the 1997 ICC Trophy, masterfully leading with his spin bowling like a conductor orchestrating a victory. His standout performance included a crucial 4/25 in the semi-final against Scotland, underscoring his pivotal role in Bangladesh’s triumph. In 2008, Rafique and 13 others were banned by the Bangladesh Cricket Board from joining the Indian Cricket League. Rafique later severed ties with the ICL and redeemed himself, returning to the cricketing fold with Dhaka Division. He delivered match-winning performances, notably starring in the Big Boss T20 Premier League.

International Career

Mohammad Rafique, a slow-left-arm orthodox bowler, was among the few Bangladeshi players in the ICC top fifty bowlers. He became a permanent fixture in the national team, becoming a household name in Bangladesh. Achieving the double of 100 wickets and 1,000 runs in both formats, Rafique established his all-rounder credentials. Early in his career, he was better known for his abilities in ODIs. However, he was selected for Bangladesh’s inaugural Test against India, taking three wickets and showing promise.

Challenges and Comeback

Rafique’s career faced a significant hurdle when he was reported to the ICC for a suspect action. He was slow to take remedial action and was out of the national team until 2002. He returned in the home series against South Africa, impressing everyone with a remarkable six-wicket haul in the second Test. Rafique became Bangladesh’s highest wicket-taker in the home series against India and the second-highest during the away tour to Zimbabwe. Rafique’s lower-order batting shone with a crucial 77 against Kenya in 1998, leading to Bangladesh’s first ODI win.

Memorable Performances and Retirement

Rafique played a crucial role in Bangladesh’s series whitewash against Kenya and excelled against Australia, nearly securing a win. During the 2007 World Cup, he took eight wickets, helping Bangladesh beat India and South Africa. Rafique announced his international retirement on 7 February 2008, with the home series against South Africa being his last. He became the first Bangladeshi to take 100 Test wickets, achieving the milestone in March 2008. Rafique remains the first Bangladeshi all-rounder to score 1,000 runs and take 100 wickets in Test cricket.

Mohammed Rafique Stats

Batting & Fielding Career Summary

List A1641382015517713.140343

Bowling Career Summary

List A164843058611845/165/1631.854.1745.8320

what inspired Rafique to switch from fast bowling to spin

Mohammad Rafique’s transition from fast bowling to spin bowling was inspired by several factors. Key influences include:

  • Inspirational Figure: Rafique was motivated by the success of Imran Khan, a renowned fast bowler from Pakistan. Khan’s achievements inspired Rafique to explore alternative bowling styles.
  • Spin Bowling Pioneer: Rafique is widely regarded as the pioneer of left-arm spin bowling in Bangladesh. His innovative approach and success in the format inspired a generation of cricketers to follow in his footsteps.
  • Guiding Young Spinners: Rafique was called upon by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to assist young spinners in the High Performance (HP) programme. This involvement allowed him to share his expertise and guide the next generation of spin bowlers.

Rafique’s transition from fast bowling to spin was driven by key influences. This shift led to his success and recognition as a pioneering left-arm spinner from Bangladesh.

Mohammed Rafique Achievements

Mohammed Rafique, a Bangladeshi cricketer, has achieved several notable milestones throughout his career. Here are some of his key records and achievements:

International Career

  • 100 Wickets and 1000 Runs: Rafique became the first Bangladeshi player to achieve the double of 1000 runs and 100 wickets in both Test and ODI formats.
  • ICC Rankings: He was one of the few Bangladeshi players to feature in the ICC bowler rankings’ top fifty.
  • Man of the Match: Rafique was adjudged the man of the match for his performance against Kenya in May 1998, where he took 3/56 and scored 77 runs.

Domestic Career

  • Conversion to Spin Bowling: Under the guidance of Wasim Haider, Rafique converted from a left-arm seamer to a slow orthodox spin bowler in 1988.
  • ICC Trophy Winner: Rafique was part of the Bangladesh team that won the 1997 ICC Trophy, taking 19 wickets at an average of 10.68.

Notable Performances

  • Test Century: Rafique scored a Test century against the West Indies in Bangladesh’s drawn Test.
  • ODI Win: His 77 runs against Kenya in May 1998 were instrumental in Bangladesh’s first-ever ODI win against Kenya.
  • Six Sixes: Rafique scored 65 runs against Australia in 2005-06, including six sixes.

Other Achievements

  • Captaincy: Rafique was named captain of the Bangladesh Legends cricket team in the 2020-21 Road Safety World Series.
  • Legends League Cricket: He joined Asia Lions in the Legends League Cricket and took 2 wickets against India Maharajas on January 20, 2022.

These achievements highlight Rafique’s significant contributions to Bangladesh cricket, both domestically and internationally.


In conclusion, Mohammad Rafique’s biography and cricket journey reflect his remarkable transformation and enduring legacy. From his beginnings as a fast bowler, he evolved into a celebrated left-arm spinner. Overcoming challenges and setbacks, he proved his mettle repeatedly. Not only did he shine in international matches, but he also inspired future generations. Mohammad Rafique’s dedication and resilience remain an integral part of Bangladesh’s cricket history. His story continues to motivate aspiring cricketers everywhere.

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1. What was Mohammed Rafique’s early cricketing experience?

Answer: Mohammed Rafique started his cricketing journey in Bangladesh, playing for the 2nd Division side, Bangladesh Sporting, in 1985. He later joined the Bangladesh Biman cricket team in 1988, where he converted to slow orthodox spin bowling under the guidance of Pakistani allrounder Wasim Haider.

2. What are some notable performances by Mohammed Rafique in his career?

Answer: Rafique has had several standout performances throughout his career. One notable example is his six-wicket haul in the second Test against South Africa in May 2003. He also scored a Test century against the West Indies in Bangladesh’s drawn Test and took 5 for 65 against Zimbabwe in Chittagong. Additionally, he scored 77 runs against Kenya in May 1998, which was instrumental in Bangladesh’s first-ever ODI win against Kenya.

3. What is Mohammed Rafique’s career statistics?

Answer: Rafique has taken 4076 wickets in Tests and 4739 wickets in ODIs. He has also scored 1059 runs in Tests and 1191 runs in ODIs. His best bowling figures in Tests are 6/77, and he has taken 7 five-wicket hauls. In ODIs, his best bowling figures are 125/5, and he has taken 1 five-wicket haul. Rafique is the first Bangladeshi player to achieve the double of 1000 runs and 100 wickets in both Test and ODI formats.

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