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Shadab Khan Career, Education, and Net Worth Journey


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Outstanding performances in games have marked Shadab Khan’s career, solidifying his key role for Pakistan. Shadab Khan has carved a remarkable niche in cricket through his illustrious career, education, and substantial net worth. Born on October 4, 1998, in Mianwali, Pakistan, Shadab embarked on his cricketing journey at a young age.

It showcased exceptional talent that eventually earned him a spot in the national team. Beyond the cricket pitch, Shadab has demonstrated a commitment to education, balancing his sporting pursuits with academic endeavors. Despite the rigorous demands of professional cricket, he has managed to pursue education, highlighting his dedication to holistic personal development. Moreover, Shadab Khan career success on the field has translated into a commendable net worth, and marketability in cricket.

Discover Shadab Khan career age, spouse, level of education, height, weight, family, pictures, biography, and more. Learn about Shadab Khan’s major successes and accomplishments.

Early Life and Background

The Pakistani cricket player Shadab Khan appeared from the streets of Mianwali, a town renowned for its diverse cultural heritage. Shadab khan was born on October 4, 1998. He showed an early interest in cricket, playing in the little alleyways with homemade gear. Which mirrored the aspirations of a young child hoping to succeed in sports.

Shadab was raised in a close-knit family, and his path shows the passion and determination that were engrained in him. His family’s unwavering support during his formative cricket years was evident in how they saw and developed his skills. Shadab’s story, from those modest beginnings, is a monument to the strength of tenacity. It shows the remarkable transformation of a small-town child into a national cricket star.


Shadab khan hometown

Shadab Khan was born in 1998 in Mianwali, Punjab.


Although there is no data about Shadab Khan education, sources claim that he is a graduate. After completing his studies at his local high school, he received his diploma.

Shadab Khan Age, height, and weight

Age26 years (as of 2024)
Height5 feet 9 inches

He was born on Easter Sunday, April 4, 1998, in Mianwali, Pakistan (age 24 as of 2022). He was raised in his hometown, where he developed a lifelong love of cricket. In his early years, he played cricket on unimproved fields in his Punjabi village close to the Indus River. The height of Shadab Khan is 5 feet 9 inches. The Weight of Shadab Khan is 72.

Shadab khan parents and siblings

Shadab Khan belongs to the family of Islam. He belongs to the Afghan population that speaks Pashto. The majority of the population living on the plains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is referred to as Pashtuns. Shadab Khan’s mother is a domestic servant, and his father is employed as a farm laborer. His elder brother, Mehtab Khan, plays domestic cricket as well.

Shadab Khan Wife

On 23 January 2023, he married Pakistani cricket coach and former international player Saqlain Mushtaq’s daughter Malaika Saqlain.

Shadab Khan Career

Early Days

Shadab Khan’s tryst with cricket began in the bustling streets of Mianwali, a town in Pakistan known for its passion for the sport. Born on October 4, 1998, Shadab’s journey started with the typical backyard cricket games, where dreams were spun and friendships forged. The dusty pitches of his childhood would shape his destiny, go on to don the green jersey with pride.

Rising through the Ranks

Shadab’s talent didn’t go unnoticed for long. His journey through the ranks was a testament to his dedication and unwavering belief in his abilities. From local tournaments to representing Pakistan at the U19 level, Shadab’s meteoric rise showcased his cricketing prowess. His leg-spin bowling and handy batting skills marked him as a promising prospect. It catched the eye of selectors and cricket enthusiasts alike.

International Debut

The dream finally arrived for Shadab Khan when he made his international debut for Pakistan in 2017. The green cap was not just a symbol of national pride but also a culmination of years of hard work and sacrifices. The weight of expectations did little to deter the young spinner, who embraced the challenge with a steely resolve.


Glory on the Global Stage

Shadab’s impact on the international stage was swift and significant. In his performances in T20 leagues, Shadab Khan emerged as a key player in various formats of the game. His ability to turn the ball sharply, coupled with his electric fielding and composed batting. It made him a triple threat on the cricket field.

Challenges and Comebacks

No cricketing journey is devoid of challenges, and Shadab Khan’s career is no exception. Injuries posed hurdles, testing the young athlete’s mettle and determination. However, each setback only fueled Shadab’s desire to come back stronger. His resilience in the face of adversity endeared him to fans and teammates alike. It turned his comeback stories into tales of inspiration.

Off the Field

Beyond the boundaries, Shadab Khan’s infectious smile and affable personality make him a favorite both on and off the field. Whether interacting with fans, participating in charity events, or engaging in lighthearted banter with teammates. Shadab exemplifies the human side of cricket, reminding us that behind every athlete is a person with dreams.

Shadab khan wickets in t20

Who is Pakistan highest wicket in T20?

Shadab Khan, a seasoned Pakistani all-rounder, is at the top of the tree and leads the Pakistan National Men’s Cricket Team in T20 wickets. He has taken 104 wickets at an economy rate of 7.07 in 92 T20Is thus far. Three 4-wicket hauls, with a best of 4/8, have also been taken by Shadab.

What position is Shadab Khan batting in T20?

Shadab Khan in T20s at batting position number 4.

Shadab khan Islamabad united

Islamabad United (from 2017 onward)

In the Pakistan Super League in 2017, Islamabad United selected Shadab Khan, and he has been a member of the team ever since. Cricketer Shadab Khan was a member of the Islamabad United side that won the PSL championship in 2018.

Shadab Khan is now Islamabad United’s captain and a vital member of the squad.

Shadab Khan Cricket records

Among the most accomplished and successful cricket players in the world is Shadab Khan. Among his accomplishments are: the second most T20I wickets in a calendar year, only surpassed by Andrew Tye.

Pakistan’s youngest T20I captain, at 22 years and 75 days

On debut in a T20I, the most economical spell in the whole spell (4 overs/7 runs/3 wickets)

most wickets in T20Is since his debut

The majority of Pakistan’s T20I Man of the Match honors from 2017 to 2020

Shadab Khan net worth

As of March 2023, Khan’s personal net worth is $12.1 billion. In 2021, he ranked 94th in the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans and is the 291st richest person in the world.

NameShadab Khan
Net Worth$1.5 million
Net Worth in Rupees15 crores
Monthly Income50k
NameShadab Khan

Shadab khan Salary

After making his Pakistani debut in 2016, Shadab Khan became well-known for his outstanding achievements. He was awarded a new core contract with the Pakistan cricket team due to his consistent performances with the bat and the ball. In addition, Shadab Khan reportedly paid $170,000 to sign a contract with Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Islamabad United$170,000

Shadab Khan’s Endorsements

Apart from playing cricket, Shadab Khan has also dabbled in brand sponsorships. As a well-liked and accomplished cricket player, he has partnered with numerous well-known companies, promoting their goods and services. Without a doubt, Shadab Khan’s overall earnings and net worth have improved as a result of these brand endorsements.

Shadab Khan Car Collection

Luxury is something Shadab Khan enjoys outside of the cricket pitch. He owns an amazing collection of cars and has a strong interest in automobiles. Among the automobiles in his collection are high-end models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. These luxurious cars are a reflection of his prosperity and taste for finer things in life.

Shadab Khan House

Regarding his place of residence, Shadab Khan is a resident of Mianwali, Pakistan, his hometown. Although Shadab Khan is a great cricket player, it is assumed that his home will be roomy and cozy. Specifics of his residence are kept somewhat confidential.


In conclusion, Shadab Khan career stands as a testament to resilience, skill, and unwavering determination. From the promising early days to becoming a key figure in the cricketing world. Shadab Khan career has been marked by thrilling performances, strategic brilliance, and an indomitable spirit that resonates with fans worldwide. Beyond the statistics and accolades, it is the passion, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments that define Shadab Khan career. As he bids farewell to one phase, the echoes of his achievements will continue to inspire cricket enthusiasts. It left an enduring legacy that extends far beyond the boundaries of the cricket field.

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