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Indian cricket players salary isn’t just about the numbers on their contracts; it’s a reflection of their journey from aspiring youngsters to national icons. India is experiencing a cricket fever, and many fans are curious about the cash benefits that their favorite players will receive. The carefully considered compensation package that goes into each boundary struck and wicket taken serves as a testament to the importance of these players to both sport and society. Let’s explore the nuances around the pay of Indian cricket players, illuminating the numbers that drive their goals and ambitions.

The Journey of Aspiration

Every cricket player has a distinct story of aspiration to share as they set out on their journey. The path from modest beginnings to the glamorous world of IPL auctions is one of selflessness, sacrifice, and steadfast faith. Examine how the salaries of players who overcame adversity to wear the national shirt, such as Jasprit Bumrah or Smriti Mandhana, are a monument to their steadfast spirit as much as their financial worth.

The Power of Representation

The Balancing Act

Despite common perception, a cricket player’s life isn’t all glitz and glamor. Hard schedules, nonstop travel, and the never-ending battle to find a balance between personal and professional life are what lie behind the scenes. Explore the nuances of how incomes contribute significantly to stability and security during the hectic schedule of games, sponsorships, and media appearances. Find out how players balance their development with family support and financial success in this delicate dance.

Who is the highest paid Cricket in India?

This is the list of the top 10 richest cricketers in India:

  • Virat Kohli – $93 million.
  • Saurav Ganguly – $50 million.
  • Virendra Sehwag – $45 million.
  • Yuvraj Singh – $35 million.
  • Suresh Raina – $25 million.
  • Rahul Dravid – $23 million.
  • Rohit Sharma – $22 million.
  • Gautam Gambhir – $19 million.

Indian Cricket Players Salary – Full List Updated with All-Inclusive

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) determines the salary for Indian cricket players (both male and female) based on their performance, as reflected in the points they receive in the BCCI’s grading system. This system evaluates players’ contributions across various formats of the game, including Tests, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). Consequently, players who consistently perform well receive higher salaries, incentivizing them to maintain their top form. Additionally, the grading system ensures fairness and transparency in determining players’ remuneration, fostering a competitive environment within the Indian cricketing fraternity.

For men’s and women’s cricket players, the BCCI has so far announced four and three grading schemes, respectively.

Indian Cricket Players Salary List

Indian Cricket Players Salary: The salary of an Indian cricket player is determined by a variety of factors. Which includes sponsorship, advertising, brand ambassadorship, participation in other cricket leagues such as the Indian Premier League, brand ownership, and more.

Explore the comprehensive Indian cricket players salary list 2023 in rupees, revealing the earnings of your favorite stars in rupees.

Qualification for BCCI’s annual central contacts

  • A+ category – All three formats player
  • A category – All three formats, at least 2 formats, Test cricket necessary
  • B category – Two formats
  • C category – Single format player

BCCI’s Grading System for Men

The BCCI provides funding for men’s and women’s domestic and international cricket teams.

International Crickets Salary

Grade A +Grade AGrade BGrade C
INR 7 CrINR 5 CrINR 3 CrINR 1 Cr

Domestic Cricketers Salary

Seniors (above 40 matches)INR 60,000
Under 23INR 25,000
Under 19INR 20,000

BCCI’s Grading System for Women

In 2022, the BCCI raised the match price for domestic women’s cricket players. On match days, senior ladies (playing XI) will now receive INR 20,000 instead of INR 12,500.

International Cricketers Salary

Grade AGrade BGrade C
INR 50 LakhsINR 30 LakhsINR 10 Lakhs

Domestic Cricketers Salary

Senior women (playing XI)INR 20,000

What is the salary of one Indian Cricket player?

Presently, the BCCI gives Rs 15 lakh per Test match to players. The governing body offers Rs 6 lakh for each One-Day International (ODI), and Rs 3 lakh for T20 International (T20I).

Men’s Cricketers Salary

The Senior Men’s Annual Player Contracts for Team India were released by the Board of Control for Cricket in India on Wednesday. The contracts cover the period from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024.

Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan were not considered for the annual contracts in this round of suggestions. The players would receive payment in addition to the BCCI yearly wage for participating in every Test, ODI, and T20I match. An Indian player is entitled to a fixed match fee of Rs 15 lakh for a Test match. A player receives Rs 6 lakh for an ODI and Rs 3 lakh for each T20I. 50% of the match fee is awarded to those who do not make the starting lineup.

Test Cricket Incentive Scheme for Senior Men

The “Test Cricket Incentive Scheme” will operate as an additional reward system on top of the current match fee for Test matches, which is set at INR 15 lakhs, beginning with the 2022–2023 season. Explore the updated earnings of the Indian men’s cricket team salary 2023, highlighting their salaries and income sources.

Matches PlayedAssuming 9 Tests in a SeasonPlaying 11 Incentive (INR)Non-Playing 11 Incentive (INR)
Less than 50%Less than 4Not ApplicableNot Applicable
More than 50%5 and 630 Lakhs per match15 Lakhs per match
More than 75%7 or more45 Lakhs per match22.5 Lakhs per match


Following is the list of players who are listed under this grade A+, A, B, and C:

Grade A+ PlayersGrade A playersGrade B playersGrade C players
Virat KohliR AshwinSurya Kumar YadavRinku Singh
Rohit SharmaMohammed ShamiRishabh PantTilak Verma
Jasprit BumrahMohammed SirajKuldeep YadavRuturaj Gaekwad
Ravindra JadejaKL RahulAxar PatelShardul Thakur
 Shubman GillYashasvi JaiswalShivam Dube
 Hardik Pandya Ravi Bishnoi
   Jitesh Sharma
   Washington Sundar
   Mukesh Kumar
   Sanju Samson
   Arshdeep Singh
   KS Bharat
   Prasidh Krishna
   Avesh Khan
   Rajat Patidar
   Sarfaraz Khan
   Dhruv Jurel


  • A+ Grade Players will receive a salary of INR 7 Crore annually.
  • A Grade Players will receive a salary of INR 5 Crore annually.
  • B Grade Players will receive a salary of INR 3 Crore annually.
  • C Grade Players will receive a salary of INR 1 Crore annually.

Indian cricket team captain salary

Rohit Sharma has an A+ contract with the BCCI. BCCI made available the yearly player contracts for the 2022-2023 season, which showed that the 36-year-old received a salary of Rs 7 crore.

Bonus for Indian Cricket Players

Indian cricket players receive rewards for their performances in each of the three format matches, in addition to their salaries. Their match fee does not include this award money.

  • 500,000 Rs for scoring a hundred in a test or ODI
  • 700,000 Rs for a double hundred in the test
  • 500,000 Rs for 5 wicket hauls in Test, ODI, or T20
  • 700,000 Rs for a 10-wicket haul in test matches

Indian cricket team coach salary

India, Ravi Shastri – INR 9.5 – 10 crore. Now, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. With the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) deemed the richest cricket board, the Indian coach gets the biggest paycheck.

The Ripple Effect

The influence of cricket salaries spreads throughout communities and inspires future generations while also promoting socio economic development, even outside of boundary wires. Examine the ripple effect as participants put their winnings back into philanthropic causes, start-up businesses, or grassroots development. Whether establishing cricket academies in isolated communities or providing aid to impoverished youngsters, observe how their earnings serve as triggers for greater social progress, embodying the concept of ‘cricket for good’.

The Legacy of Legends

The veterans of Indian cricket’s past continue to loom large over the game as its guiding lights. Examine how incomes have changed throughout time, from the days of meager stipends to the mega-contracts of today, and identify the turning points that influenced the economics of cricket. From Sachin Tendulkar to Kapil Dev, their journeys reflect how cricket evolved from a sport to a multibillion-dollar industry, leaving a lasting legacy in Indian society.

Who is India’s No 1 richest cricketer?

Sachin Tendulkar, also known as the ‘God of Cricket’, is arguably the greatest cricketer of all time. He is also the richest cricketer in the world. His net worth is estimated to be $150 million (approximately Rs 1250 crore), Mint reported.21-Oct-2023


Within the sacred corridors of Indian cricket, the Indian cricket players salary represent more than simply money; they are a symbol of the aspirations, hardships, and victories of a country utterly devoted to the game. Beneath the statistics is a story of perseverance, accountability, and representation that sheds light on the human aspect of cricketing economics. The real winners are the players, on and off the field, so let’s celebrate the many tales woven into every paycheck as well as their performances when they are on the field.
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How much do Indian cricket players earn?

Indian cricket players’ earnings vary based on factors like match fees, central contracts, and endorsement deals, with top players earning millions annually.

Do Indian cricket players receive salaries like other professionals?

Yes, Indian cricket players receive salaries through central contracts from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), along with additional income from match fees and endorsements.

What are the main sources of income for Indian cricket players?

The main sources of income for Indian cricket players include match fees for international and domestic matches, central contracts from the BCCI, and lucrative endorsement deals with brands.

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